An exclusive & critically important feature of recordxpert, using which the health care service providers can view the medical information of the individuals in case of an emergency. The patients can be provided with immediate treatment without having to spend time on searching essential medical information like blood group, current medications, health status etc as needed prior to the treatment. The card can act as a life saving tool at the time of medical emergency!
Features of the card:
  • Contains 12 Digit Unique ID No. & the name of the card holder printed on the card
  • Magnetic strip in the card enables instant access at any place
  • Accessed by hospitals and Doctors at the time of emergency
  • Instant access to Patient's Current Health Status, Immunization, Allergies etc.
  • The back of the card contains simple user friendly instructions for use
When do you need the card:
  • In case of Emergency
  • While visiting a Doctor or Hospital
  • While Travelling
  • At the time of Natural Calamities
Call/Write to us now to register for Emergency Access Card! 1800 123 44 55 (Toll Free)